Are Dog Prong Collars Legal in UK

Are Dog Prong Collars Bad?

Many dog owners keep to the point that dog prong collars are bad, dangerous, and illegal to use. Is that true? Partially, that is. Dog prong collars are serious dog training gears. In incompetent hands, with lack of information how to choose the right prong collar size, type, and how to use it correctly it may become dangerous. We always point it out, that one should consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist before purchase and use of a dog prong collar. That is a very effective tool for dog training and a real help, the last resort for severe dog behavior problems. It helps to control large, strong, aggressive dogs. But still, that is to be used as the last resort when all other training means are unhelpful. That’s why they are to be used for adult dogs only, because puppies are still managed by other training methods.

Here we gather maximum useful information you need to choose the right dog prong collar and use it in the right way to be a safe and efficient tool. We try to avoid “water” in the tips and give proven advices only.

If you wonder if dog prong collars are legal in UK, here is the answer to the petition from the UK Parliament official source.

"Dog owners should only use such devices after seeking professional advice. They should also ensure that they fully understand how these devices should be used and that they are used appropriately.

We would advise dog owners to adopt positive training methods in the first instance and seek professional advice, for example from their vet, for any dog behavioural issues. Anyone using collars to inflict unnecessary suffering may be prosecuted under existing animal welfare laws."


Thus, the answer to the question “Are dog prong collars legal in UK?” is “Yes, dog prong collars are legal”. Still, that is your responsibility to use it in the right way. It’s up to your whether a dog prong collar will become a salvation or a danger. Take the choice seriously and you will enjoy understanding with your dog with this great professional invention of canine experts.