Herm Sprenger Company

HS Sprenger Germany

In 1972 Herman Sprenger established a plant for horse riding equipment production. Since then the range of products became much wider to equipment for sailing and dog accessories. Nowadays Herm Sprenger GmbH is a family business with 160 employees headed by the fourth generation of the founder. The Herm Sprenger products are exported successfully all over the world.

All products marked by HS logo are made at the plant in Iserlohn (Germany). Thus, the customer may be always sure of quality of products labeled by ‘made in Germany’.

The goal of the company lays in achievement of high standards of the gears produced. That is realized by the best materials and possible components, improving of knowledge of the staff and a deep control of quality that is processed at each stage of production. That is tested with special approaches that are made up to the detailed specifications of the company.

A competent team with detailed knowledge of its work keeps each branch of products: for horses, yachts, and dogs.

Herm Sprenger GmbH is the company that establishes the level of world standards in its field. That is achieved through constant collaboration with professionals, designers, and a final consumer.

The quality control of HS Sprenger starts from the right choice of wire. Their technical characteristics are very demanding and strict. The wire is to be very durable and have a good tensile strength. The wire forms a chain by electroplating. The joints are constantly tested before each stage of plating.

HS Sprenger products are represented at professional stores of quality products. The range of goods provides top quality at a reasonable price. Happy customers are the priority of the company.