How to Use a Prong Collar

Talk to a Dog the Language of its Instincts

The instinct of each dog makes it obey a leader. This leader may be represented by a member of a flock or a human. Dogs need to know their place in a community. That’s why the understanding of their definite place in the hierarchy makes them feel calm and brings harmonious relationship within the community (family). Coming to a new group a dog defines the leader and its subordinates without fail.

Curogan Herm Sprenger Prong Collar with Side Release Buckle

The task of each dog owner-leader is to show its place in a family, to get to know what is allowed and what’s forbidden. And here you are to predict dog’s actions a step forward.

The Principles of Dog Training Nowadays

Let’s go out the elementary ‘to praise good behavior and ignore bad one’. Let’s learn another ways of dog training.

As far as we know, dogs never use human elements of punishment. They teach a young member of the flock to obey by growling, language of gestures and touches.

Note! In a natural environment you will never see violation, when a younger member takes a higher place in the hierarchy. Here nothing is ignored but corrected at once.

Pinching by a Dog Collar with Prongs

The most effective dog training collar designed by humans for successful domestic dog behavior correction is a metal dog collar with prongs. When used correctly it will become the closest in action to the pinching by the teeth of a mother-dog, that teaches her puppy to obey, or bite of a leader-dog that teaches a younger member of a community. The prongs are the gears to control the members who try to take a higher place and ignore the leader (you).

Herm Sprenger Prong Collars for Dog Training

Before the use of a dog prong collar a handler is to know all the means of influence and tension that will be needed each time you use it. Then – how to attach a dog prong collar. You should choose the maximal wire gauge for the breed and weight of your dog. The prongs are to be with round, safe tips for dog’s skin and neck. Release of two links allow to fix a prong dog collar easily and at the right place on a dog’s neck (at the top, just behind the ears and under the jaws).

It is obvious, that a dog collar with prongs is not to be taken through dog’s head unreleased. That may injure dog’s eyes with the prongs.

If you take it on a dog easily, it means that your prong collar is too loose and will not act correctly and be placed at the right neck area.

How to Use a Prong Collar

The key for success is the right way to use a prong collar. Attach a leash to a dog collar and you will connect the two important elements of dog training: your hand and the collar.

Dogs are sensitive to touches, that are the instinctive part of communication. Learn to touch a dog by means of the prongs correctly by various level of tension and you will see the benefits in understanding.

The chain helps to tell ‘no’ in dog body language and stop undesired behavior in your house.

Please, do not pull a dog in the right direction, just make a slight pinch and let him know which one is wrong and set the right tempo keeping the leadership. You do not pull a dog on a leash, you make slight pinches with the means of a collar to show dog’s wrong actions/directions.

Herm Sprenger dog training collars are recommended by professional dog trainers and behaviorists, dog handlers. If they do not work for you, find a person who manages them well, or an expert, and ask for instruction and help.