Metal Types of Dog Prong Collars and Choke Chains

Choose the Best Dog Prong Collar or Choke Chain for Your Dog

Herm Sprenger metal dog collars are made of various metal alloys: stainless steel, chrome-plated steel, black stainless steel, antique steel, brass, hypoallergenic curogan. These dog collars may look like special dog accessories, that underline the beauty of a dog and make it look fancy at a dog show. That’s why they are frequently used for this purpose. Metal dog collars differ in color, shape, and link size. Long links of fur saver collars are safer for long and fine fur. Though, some metal alloys may leave spots on light dog’s fur, and it is better to have a try before use of it at a dog show.

When you choose a metal dog collar take a look at the quality of each link. Watch it to have welded links, smooth surface, even plating and safe edges.

Stainless Steel (Inox)

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Dog Collar

Stainless steel is a solid rustproof material. Professional dog trainers and sportsmen choose stainless steel Herm Sprenger collars for the wide range of benefits. Though this metal is the most expensive among Herm Sprenger collars, it has the best durability, rust-resistance, and tensile strength. They have the best value for money.

You will recognize original Herm Sprenger stainless steel dog collars for a special red plate with HS marking on it.

In most cases stainless steel does not cause discoloration of light fur.

Black Stainless Steel

Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Dog Collar

That is a new advanced metal type of stainless steel that achieves black color in the process of electroplating. The plating adheres deeply in the surface that makes it durable. It saves its black look for a long time. Though, it will become lighter over time and will get antique look. It may also leave marks on light fur of a dog.

Anyway, you may be sure of durability of black stainless steel dog collars and their complete rust resistance. The deepness of black color may differ from batch to batch that is caused by the technical process. Black metal dog collars blend perfectly with dark dog’s coat that makes them less visible. They have advanced strength, rust- and water-resistance.

Antique Steel

Herm Sprenger Antique Steel Prong Collar

That is a metal with special electronic plating that have a smart brown color with yellow and red spots. This metal is reliable, rustproof, and long-lasting. You should know, that it may leave spots on light fur. Antique steel dog collars contain nickel, that is to be noted for nickel-sensitive dogs. Also its color may become lighter over time.


HS Curogan Dog Collar with Prongs

Curogan is a patented alloy of copper and tin that does not contain nickel. It is fully rustproof. The special feature of curogan dog collars is that they are hypoallergenic for dogs that have reaction to nickel and it does not color dog’s fur in most cases. Curogan dog collars are popular for their nice golden color, noble look, and hypoallergenic property. The color may become darker over time. But it is easy to restore with a polishing paste. Note, that for its physical features it is softer than other metal alloys and may become thinner over time. Check the links regularly to change an outworn collar in time.

Chrome Plated Steel

Chrome Plated Herm Sprenger Dog Choke Chain

A bright feature of HS Sprenger collars made of chrome-plated steel is their glossy surface. That is achieved by many-stage process of polishing of a raw material that ensures even plating by nickel and chromium over the metal surface. This technique makes an item resistant to corrosion for a long time. The quality of nickel plating is tested at once after the process. The links go through a bending test. If plating keeps even, does not crack or flake off, the batch comes to the next stage of technical process – chrome plating. Accurate preparing process and multistage control guarantee high quality and dual rust protection. Still, in spite of high quality of plating, it may be damaged by mechanical influences outside. For this reason the producer cannot guarantee 100% rust resistance of metals with plating except of stainless steel.


Brass Fur Saver Dog Collar

Brass dog collars are nice-looking dog accessories of golden color. Brass is a rustproof copper-zinc alloy. It has a much less tensile strength than other metal alloys, that is why it is not recommended for big and strong dogs. Its benefit is absence of nickel, that makes it hypoallergenic, suitable for nickel-sensitive dogs, and dog with light fur. It does not color dog's fur in most cases.