What is a Dog Prong Collar

Dog Prong Collar Purpose

There are controversial points of view on dog prong collars. Many people consider that dog prong collars are bad, though many dog owners and trainers use them efficiently in training and recommend for dog behavior correction.

what is a dog prong collar

First of all, let’s get to know: what is a dog prong collar? Metal dog collars with prongs are designed as professional tools for dog training and behavior correction. They are the perfect choice for aggressive dogs, obedience training, and stop dog pulling on a leash. In most cases they are recommended as the last resort for disobedient dogs. First of all dog’s behavior should be corrected with a proper training. Prong collar works promptly, efficiently, and does not require much force to apply. That’s why it is a great choice for walking big dogs even if its owner is a tender lady.

A dog prong collar consists of adjustable links with prongs with round blunt tips. The links line is connected into a loop with a chain loop or a nylon/leather band with a buckle.

How does a prong collar work? The prongs shape resemble dog mother teeth. She teaches her puppies to behave slightly pinching their neck when they do something wrong. This action lays in the principle of action of a dog prong collar. It pinches dog’s neck when you tighten a leash and a dog understands that it is doing something wrong and stops it (pulling, barking, picking up etc.). That is a safe and efficient tool based on natural dog’s instincts. But safe it is when its size is chosen correctly and it is used in the right way. Read further how to choose the right dog prong collar type, wire gauge, how to choose prong collar size, how tight should a dog prong collar be, and dog prong collar use.