How to Attach a Dog Prong Collar

Prong Collar Use and Safety

The greatest problem with a dog prong collar is that beginners do not know how to take it on a dog correctly, how to adjust the size, and make a dog wear it with ease. Here we will answer all these questions.

How to choose prong collar size? How tight should a dog prong collar be

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The size of a right dog prong collar should be 2 in (5 cm) larger than the neck of a dog. A dog collar with prongs should not sit tight on dog’s neck, as this way it will create instant tension on the neck causing discomfort and harm physically and mentally. The prongs are to pinch dog’s neck when you require its obedience or response to a command only. That’s why there should be a span of 2 fingers between a dog’s neck and a collar.

The first point to consider when choosing the size of a dog prong collar is its wire gauge. It is chosen up to the weight of your dog. Look at the table to choose the prong collar size up to the weight and breed of your dog.

The prong collar size is adjustable easily by adding or removing links. Here take into account that a link size is larger than the length it adds to a collar size, as some length goes for the connection parts. For example, a link of 1.65 in length will add 1.45 in to the collar size.

Take care to make it fit your dog correctly by adding or removing links: not too tight and not too loose. Both cases are unacceptable.

Prong collar: how to put on

How to fix a dog prong collar? Take a prong collar on a dog released. Never take it on a dog through its head unfastened, as prongs may injure dog’s eyes. Release two prongs or a buckle and place the collar on the upper part of a dog’s neck, right under the jaws. Never wear it low on dog’s neck. These are the safety tips how to attach a dog prong collar and use it efficiently. Same rule is for the question how to remove dog prong collar – take it off releasing a buckle or prongs.

The right position of a prong dog collar is right behind dog’s ears and under the jaws, as you see on the image below.

How to Attach a Dog Prong Collar

Take it on at the right area of dog’s neck at once! Do not slide the collar up the neck when the prongs or buckle is already locked! Also take care that you placed it with the center plate opposite the trachea at once too. Do not scroll it through dog’s neck!

Prong collar use

Use dog collars with prongs for training only. Take them off after training. It is to be worn when it is used actively only, with a definite purpose. It is not to hang on dog’s neck the whole day.

Prong collar safety

Take care that you adjusted equal number of prongs by each side of the center plate. It provides a balanced fit. Watch a center plate to be just opposite dog’s trachea. It saves dog’s neck from injuries by prongs. Though Herm Sprenger metal collars have safe prongs, with round tips, you should follow simple rules to keep them friendly for your pet and helpful for you in training.

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