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More than 140 years of experience. Knowledge of your needs. Cooperation with the best professional trainers. All these make Herm Sprenger a leading company in producing dog training equipment.

If you ask a dog trainer “Which prong collar would you recommend”, 9 out of 10 trainers would answer “The one from Herm Sprenger”.  And here is why.

Herm Sprenger prong collars (also pinch, training collars) give excellent training results in a short period of time. Uncompromising quality, outstanding performance and high tensile strength make them suitable for dogs of almost all sizes and breeds.

Herm Sprenger prong collars will help you find harmony in relations with your canine without nerve-wracking experience. 89 in 100 dogs react to training with these pinch collars. The owners see positive changes in their dogs’ behavior after the first week of training. Of course, the collar does not substitute training. But choosing the correct training item is a good investment in the effective training process and dog’s safety.

Browse the full collection of proven Herm Sprenger pinch collars and find the one to match your needs.

We offer classic design Herm Sprenger pinch collars with 2 O-rings and assembly for those, who love classic. Get a quick release prong collars with swivel when you find it difficult to take links apart. You will love ultra-plus training collars with nylon loop and click-lock buckle because they won’t open accidentally and are easy to use. Check collars with other options: a prong collar with handle for you to have better control over your pet, with swivel to help you walk your dog with a calm soul without twisted leash, with Fordogtrainers’ quick release buckle to make it easier to put the collar on and off.  

Buy collars from chrome plated steel, black stainless steel or browned steel prong collar for dark-furred dogs. Choose stainless steel or curogan pinch collar if your pet is light-coated or has sensitive skin.

Shop our wide collection of Herm Sprenger pinch collars today and see how one of these devices changes your life tomorrow.

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